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Five Modular Building Myths Debunked

Flimsy, unreliable, unsafe, not ‘real’ – are just some of the fallacies or myths attached to modular buildings. Despite their rising popularity, it’s amazing

Ultimate Guide: Cost Of Buying A Portable Classroom For Your School

Overcrowded classrooms have been a constant concern for schools across the country. Oklahoma, Texas, and New York are just a few states that face

How Will Robots Impact The US Construction Industry?

Some say robots are the future. So what would it be like if robots became a commonplace part of the construction industry? Imagine a

Advantages Of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) In Modular Buildings

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are not new to construction. In the 1930s, a student named Alden Dow worked with Frank Lloyd Wright to add

A Teacher’s Wish List

Recent teacher strikes for better school funding in Oklahoma, and Kentucky raises some fundamental questions about the education system. How can schools better prepare

Campus Maker ModPod – Energy Efficient Modular Classrooms

The United States is witnessing a change in education as it’s faced with some very real challenges, such as overcrowded classrooms. A study by