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Five Business Benefits of Sustainable Modular Construction Methods

A recent report by BIS Research estimates the global market for sustainable construction materials to reach $187 billion by 2026 – which is an

How To Buy Or Rent Educational Building Systems At Mobile Modular: Customer Guide

Ever since our journey began in 1979, Mobile Modular has strived to provide best-in-class modular education building systems. Several schools across the country have

Five Tips To Quickly Reopen Your Business After A Hurricane

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Nate, Irma, and Harvey, the impact of natural disasters on businesses and the economy has come into sharp focus.

Modular Buildings: Business Advantages For Every Industry

Modular construction techniques have improved the speed of completion of large construction projects. Prefabricated modules are built in factories and assembled on-site, which takes

Save And Buy A Second-Hand Modular Building

More businesses than ever before realize they can save big with second-hand modular buildings. Used prefabricated buildings offer several advantages for your business. Four

Modular Buildings Eight Frequently Asked Questions

The modular construction industry is expected to grow to five percent of the entire construction industry by 2020 with a variety of commercial uses