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How Three Schools Benefited from Mobile Modular Classrooms

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average age of American public school buildings is around 44 years old. Although the number

Avoid Seasonal Construction Delays

Whether working on a year or month-long projects, builders are bound to face weather related hurdles. Recently, the construction of the Twin Bridges in

Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Have An On-site Modular Health Clinic

In a survey by Willis Towers Watson, 31 percent of employers have considered expanding their onsite health services. An additional 38 percent of employees

Five Applications For Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are adaptable to meet a whole range of clients’ needs. Our customers are often surprised by the flexibility and adaptability displayed in

Charter Schools: 3 Challenges and Solutions

Enrollment in charter schools over the last 10 years has tripled with extensive wait lists. In fact, there has been a seven percent growth

A Quick Guide To Modular Building Permits And Inspection

Modular Buildings – The World’s Fastest Construction Modular commercial buildings are testing the limits of construction speed. In 2015, a Chinese construction firm completed